it was a dark an
“The pen is mightier 
than The s-Word.”

    If comedy is the bread-and-butter of

Marlotti Entertainment Manufacturing, then

writing must surely be the fine china upon which

it is served.

    Joe Marlotti has always had a way with words.

In second grade, Joe was crowned “Spelling Bee

Champoin” of his elementary school. The very

next day he was stabbed by a jealous classmate

with a number 2 pencil . From that day, Joe had

writing in his blood.   

    As a professional comedian, Joe learned to write specific jokes for specific audiences. He also learned to do something many of his peers didn’t: How to be CLEAN!

This valuable training did not go unnoticed. Soon, the Creative Directors in town began to talk:

“This script is really flat, let Marlotti punch it up!”

“Get Joe to deliver the pitch, he’ll be great!”

“Use Marlotti on this project, he knows how to use an exclamation point!”

    On many projects, Joe has been both writer and talent - an amazing feat when you consider his wife says he has no multitasking ability whatsoever.

    Joe has worked for some of the best producers and companies in the country (including the ones you see splashed above) and always seems to be busy with a new writing project, whether it’s his soon-to-be-started book about customer service or an ill-advised attempt to bring levity to an informational script on dismemberment insurance.

    Give Joe a call and request some of his writing samples. Heck, he’s probably clacking away on his laptop right now – at reasonable rates, of course.

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 me at 
 314 550-7419 
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